The ideal bathroom paints

Bathroom in black and white - Little Greene

Whether for construction or renovation, it is important to choose the paint of the bathroom. As this part is particularly prone to humidity, it is advisable to opt for products adapted to the desired result. Which painting to choose for a bathroom under renovation?

Bathroom: how many layers of paint?

Also known as undercoat or primer, the print layer is often required before painting the bathroom. Reducing the number of layers of paint, it ensures good grip and durability. The wall of the bathroom to renovate is in good condition? In this case, simply replace the primer with a thin layer of paint. Once the print layer dries, it is usually necessary to apply two coats of paint. The third layer is sometimes necessary to obtain the desired shade. In any case, it is important to be aware of the drying time between each layer and to respect it.

qThe bathroom according to Ferm Living: dark and uncluttered.

Bathroom: acrylic paint or glycerol?

Glycero type paint is particularly resistant to moisture and heat. Its disadvantages? The drying time rather long, the strong smell in the pose and its harmful components to humans. Washable with water, acrylic paint is recommended to paint the bathroom. Whatever the color chosen, the professionals recommend giving preference to paintings marked “washable”.

Bathroom: what finish?

Satin paint is recommended for the bathroom. It is resistant to soiling, heat, shock and condensation. The glossy paint is also suitable for this wet room. This finish, however, produces the desired effects only on a completely smooth wall. Finally, it is not recommended to use a matte paint in the bathroom.

Bathroom - Colors: Sage Green - Little Greene MamboBrilliant or Satin: Which Finish to Choose for Bathroom Paint – Colors: Sage Green – Little Greene’s Mambo

Bathrooms: what color?

The bathroom is a place of relaxation and appeasement. The color changes the mood in this room and therefore affects the mood of the user.


  • Red: from tone to decoration


The bright red is perfect for renovating the bathroom without repainting. To limit oneself to a single wall is enough to completely change the atmosphere that reigns there. Harmonize the red with some touches of golden yellow and light green to give tone to the decor.

Red paint for bathroom - Little GreeneA sleek purple bathroom: choose a darker tone to leave the pop style and get closer to chic – Little Greene

  • Jade green to illuminate the bathroom


This shade illuminates the bathroom and creates a soothing atmosphere. For deco, just bet on a retro bathtub, a mosaic tile immaculate white and some plants.

Jade green bathroom - IkeaFresh and tonic green jade bathroom – Ikea

  • A lilac color painting


The lilac color as any pastel tone increases the brightness in a narrow bathroom. It marries wonderfully with the white color of the washbasins and the bathtub. For accessories and towels, it is better to bet on bright colors such as deep pink.

Pink bathroom - IkeaPowder-pink and white bathroom that the bath line wakes up with its pop hues – Ikea

  • White and gray: timeless colors


These colors rhyme with elegance and sobriety: the gray for the dominant color in the bathroom and the pure white for sanitary. For the shower wall, a gray glass would be an interesting alternative. To complete the sober color palette, adding stainless steel accessories or greyish colored vases proves to be a good idea.

Bathroom with washbasin - TikamoonPearl gray: an elegant bathroom in the devil! – Tikamoon

  • The pink color in the bathroom


Those who have the joy of living certainly appreciate a bathroom partially repainted in pink flamboyant. To renovate the walls without breaking everything, painting the top in pink and the bottom in white makes it possible to obtain a remarkable result. The whole is to be completed by a new standing bathtub and a pink bath mat.


  • Blue paint for a retro style


Chic and intense, blue is a must in a bathroom in vintage style! Bringing depth to the room, this color perfectly matches the baroque side of a freestanding bathtub. As for the floor and ceiling, white is recommended.

Oak and lava stone cabinet TikamoonBathroom in blue and wood – Furniture in oak and lava stone Tikamoon

  • Steel gray


This tone brings a touch of modernity to the bathroom. The gray paint sublimates the clean lines of an island bath installed in the center of the bathroom. Just complete the decor with chrome-plated faucets. In this case, the flooring is chosen in a light tone such as beige.

Bathroom steel gray - LapeyreRio bathroom in steel gray and wood – Lapeyre

  • The taupe and linen color for a classy bathroom


This combination of warm colors showcases retro style cabinets. It gives pep’s to the atmosphere in the bathroom. The bottom of the walls is painted in taupe while the linen color is reserved at the top. The piece thus gains in brightness. For furniture, it is recommended to opt for the pink coral paint.

Linen bathroom - Ferm LivingLinen bathroom – Ferm Living

  • The color of accessories


The bathroom to renovate is pastel color? To add pep to the atmosphere, the ideal is to accessorize the room with strong colors. On the other hand, the furniture and accessories in shades are more suitable for a Zen atmosphere. If the bathroom has an intense color such as red, professionals recommend white or gold accessories.

The trick of the painter to redo the bathroom: 

Instead of repainting the walls from top to bottom, adding a touch of color to the wall of the bathtub is a possible solution.

Alternative: paint the walls of the bathroom by pretending a piece of wall or a partition.