Selection of storage for a bathroom decoration

Tidy bathroom - De Sandratsky Dmitriy, shutterstock 

In order to enjoy a perfectly tidy bathroom, some tips (to put order in the room) must be taken into account. Simple and effective, they consist of the installation of small storage units such as custom baskets, empty pots, coat racks, spice racks or wooden crates.

Some effective storage

Here are some ways to optimize storage in the bathroom:


  • A ladder for laying towels


The towels stacked in a corner of the bathroom are not the most beautiful effect. It is possible to place them on a bamboo (exotic) or wooden (natural style) ladder, a storage element which is likely to be installed in the bathroom. High and wide, it is compact and sits against a wall without the need for fixings or encroach on the floor. For contemporary bathrooms, it can also be metal.

A ladder in wood or bamboo adds a touch of elegance and decor to the bathroom - © Lapeyre A ladder in wood or bamboo adds a touch of elegance and decor to the bathroom – © Lapeyre

  • Towel rack attached to the wall 


An alternative is to install a wall-mounted towel bar, simple bar or elaborate system for storing towels. Electric, some models are equipped with a heated towel rail or a heated towel rail connected to the central heating system of the house. A coat rack is also a solution, its hooks can be used to hang towels in place of clothing. Declined in various styles, it perfectly integrates the decor of the room.

A wall-mounted towel rack saves space and another alternative for laying towels - © Lapeyre A wall-mounted towel rack saves space and an alternative for laying towels – © Lapeyre

  • A recycled crate


As for towels or clean towels, they can be arranged in a simple wooden crate or a box of wine. Hanging on the wall, these original storage units can replace the shelves. It is possible to paint them to fit the rest of the decor.


  • Empty pots


To make up, put foundation, powder or blush, women often use brushes. These can be stored in glass jars for food, mugs, planters, etc. These small storage are customizable with stickers, paint or stay in their original state. The glass beads or dry white beans used to hold the flowers in the vases can also be used to hold the brushes in their containers.


  • A spice rack


For nail polish and other beauty products, simply place them on a spice rack attached to a piece of furniture in the bathroom. Shallow, these lockers are perfect for storing small bottles or bottles of foundation, creams and other lip balms.


  • A magnetic rail


This holder is used to store hairpins that often scatter in drawers, pairs of nail and hair scissors or tweezers. To make it, you have to:


  • a magnetic tape stuck inside the cabinet;
  • a knife holder magnet.

Organizing the drawers of the bathroom with containers makes it possible not to clutter them - © LapeyreOrganizing the drawers of the bathroom with containers makes it possible not to clutter them – © Lapeyre

  • A service


Multifunction furniture mounted on casters, the service moves easily and can be positioned against a wall to serve as shampoo, soap, or toys during the bath.


  • Custom baskets


They are an ideal solution for storing hairbrushes or toothbrushes, specific products for hygiene, etc. Labeled with the name of each occupant of the house, these baskets are perfect for avoiding misunderstandings. In wicker, seagrass or sisal, they can be hung or placed on a shelf. Another alternative is to arrange the bath as storage.

Baskets are another storage solution for everyday objects - © LapeyreMini-baskets are another storage solution for everyday objects – © Lapeyre

How to optimize comfort in the bathroom?

Important part of the house, the bathroom must be arranged with care. Although its area is generally small (about 5 m2), it must provide a minimum of comfort for users. To do this, just observe some points:


  • The space in the room


To optimize it, keep:


  • at least 60 cm at the entrance to the shower (to free access) and in front of the toilet and sink (for comfortable use);
  • a minimum of 15 cm between each element (shower, bath, sink, WC, etc.);
  • a void under the basin or in a corner of the room to place a piece of storage.

These shelves, in addition to adding a touch, are perfect for organizing the storage of the bathroom - © StringThese customizable accessorise and compose shelves optimize the storage of the bathroom in beauty – © String

  • The lighting


A soft light is preferable to ensure optimal comfort for the eyes, especially during difficult awakenings. Depending on the desired mood in the bathroom, it is possible to install lighting for the entire room (suspension or ceiling) or for a targeted part (spots or neon).


  • Intimacy in the room


In order to preserve the privacy of its occupants, the bathroom must be equipped with:


  • doubled curtains (protection against prying eyes);
  • venetian blinds (light regulators that harmonize with the decor of the room).


What decoration for the bathroom?

Small or spacious, the bathroom can be decorated with painted tiles, mosaic, soft carpets, etc. It can also accommodate various furniture (washbasin, cupboard, cupboard, or other storage furniture) of varied style, designed in various materials (natural or not). Modern and with multiple jets (for a massage), the shower cabin is also an excellent choice for decoration. In corner version, it is suitable for tight spaces and comes in imitation marble, teak or glass. In addition, the bathroom can be:


  • marine (decorated in blue tones and starfish);
  • Baroque (marrying neutral colors with a sharp edge);
  • zen oriental (sanctuary of relaxation thanks to adapted lighting);
  • oriental (hammam style);
  • industrial style (simple);
  • Provençal (natural tendency combining warm and soft colors);
  • nature (wood, stone, pebbles, etc.);
  • design (in noble materials and clean colors).


Protecting against splashing water, shower or bath screens (made of safety glass or resin) can match the rest of the decor.