Planning Tips for a laundry still in order

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Key area within housing and often a functional bathroom, the laundry room can store a maximum of household products. Whether for laundry or ironing, this space is essential. The layout must therefore be meticulous, thus simplifying a large number of tasks.

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1. The optimization of the laundry room

A well-appointed utility room optimizes the space of the room in which it is installed. Whether displaying a traditional or contemporary decor, some tips can make this room more convenient.

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To work safely in the laundry room, it is crucial to think first of all about the laundry sorting system. Experienced DIYers will be able to develop a structure that suits their requirements, while the uninitiated are invited to contact professional artisans.

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The implementation of a sliding tray on which to put the laundry basket is a good idea very simple. Thus, to fill the washing machine or take out the laundry, no need to arch. Nestled at the proper height, the washing machine located near the dryer promises a considerable time saving. It is also possible to install a wardrobe above the worktop for drying clothes.

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What to do when the laundry is in a confined space? When the laundry room is at an angle, it is advisable to install wall brackets, such as a simple hook to hang the ironing board for example. These accessories make it possible to make good use of the vacant space above the appliances.

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To optimize the storage of accessories such as laundry baskets and other baskets, it is better to use open shelves. These horizontal plans are easy to install and require a reasonable budget. Placing cabinets from the floor to the ceiling is also a good idea.

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Opting for a retractable dryer helps to avoid clutter. To camouflage the set, simply set up a closet with sliding door. An overlay kit for installing the dryer on the washing machine saves space on the floor.

When an entire room serves as a laundry room, do not skimp on the means. Installing a washbasin facilitates both hand washing and stain removal before washing. Installing an old cabinet is a good idea to store all cleaning products and linens in one place.

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In general, to meet the organizational needs of each occupant, it is important to increase storage space. To free space on the worktop or on the floor, the hanging shelves are perfect.

In these spaces you will be careful to store good products. Better indeed a more expensive but effective product … Of course, it is advisable to choose cleaning products and maintenance environmentally friendly and its health.

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Some cleaning products even have a pretty pretty packaging:

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Make sure to equip yourself properly:

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Setting up two worktops makes it easy to store and fold laundry. To simplify sorting and folding, the installation of a central island or a retractable table is recommended. It is also customary to install a bar to hang the hangers.


2. The customization of a laundry room

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To refine the decor of a laundry room, nothing more simple. To complete the layout, rattan, wicker or fabric baskets will do the trick. They bring a rustic and warm side to the room.

To store laundry products, cans or jars are perfect. Chosen with care, the ironing table cover gives an authentic rendering to this space. Having a few graphic posters with wash icons in the right place makes the laundry more comfortable, which will make ironing and laundry chores more enjoyable.

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The DIY fittings are simple to make and bring a touch of originality to the laundry room. By respecting the appropriate dimensions, a simple wooden box easily accommodates a washing machine and a tumble dryer. Another advantage of this solution, the work plan is easy to access.

For the color of the walls, it is better to opt for a soft shade, synonymous with motivation and serenity. In order to display a chic country decor, hang the ironing board on the wall. The use of a wall clothes rack is also recommended. To separate the white linen from others, it is better to provide several baskets of different colors. Not only do these accessories make sorting easier, they also add a decorative touch to the laundry room. So that this room is even warmer, it is advisable to lay a carpet.

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To create a decor that is both vintage and industrial, laundry baskets on wheels are the ideal storage type! A well-organized laundry room is more welcoming. Separating the washer from the dryer by putting a sink between the two appliances is a good idea. Install a carpet and an armchair in the laundry room is perfect to bring a cocooning aspect. It is thus possible to read in peace while waiting to be able to take the clothes out of the machine. We must not forget the white industrial suspensions to complete all that!

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If the furniture in the laundry room is mostly white, a striped rug can create a perfect contrast. For a touch of sobriety, blue is de rigueur. If on the contrary, one looks for a more explosive decoration, so opt for red.

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