Decorative tips for a Feng Shui bathroom


The bathroom is one of the most important of the house, as it symbolizes self-care, both physically and psychologically. Here are the essential points to strengthen the Feng Shui symbolism of the bathroom.

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Of nature yin, and generally heavy and stagnant because of the humidity that reigns there, all the remedies of dynamization of the Chi are indispensable for this piece. If the bathroom is adjacent to the bedroom, it will be even more important to keep the door closed and maintain a level of cleanliness and impeccable air quality to boost energy.

Channeling the energy of the room

If your bathtub is placed in the circulation of Chi, chances are that you do not spend very relaxing moments … Apply the remedies to slow down, while obviously maintaining a touch of yang for dynamic and positive awakenings ! Suspended cabinets, concealed or at least closed clotheslines and proper lighting and plants will prevent stagnant areas of energy. The appropriate storage will make the atmosphere soothing, facilitate cleaning and thus ensure the necessary fluidity in this room.

Distribute colors and elements

Too many colors of the Water Element could reinforce energy stagnation and emotions, so incorporate them into little touches. Prefer white for the clean feeling, materials and shapes and colors of the Wood Element for vitality – each color has its symbolic.

The pink or coral tones will bring the opening of the heart, and the nuances of the Earth Element will bring the necessary anchorage to this piece. Repair leaks or spills quickly and avoid the Fire Element.

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The Feng Shui symbolism of the bathroom is exported to other rooms as well:


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