Advice and selection of WC design

Geberit AquaClean Washed Toilet

It’s not always easy to make a choice when it comes to finding the right WC model. Indeed, this sanitary can not be replaced according to the desires! To find the ideal installation, it is better to take into account a certain number of criteria and not to rush.

Choose the type of toilet

The toilets come in a variety of styles and shapes. If the choice of a particular model depends first of all on the tastes of each one, to avoid regretting its purchase, it is better to take into account certain criteria: comfort, flush, price, evacuation …

WC Yumo from the brand burgbadSuspended for a very clean style: the toilet Yumo of the brand burgbad

To begin, we must consider the various types of toilets on the market: to ask, suspended or grinders. To distinguish them, it is better to know the advantages and disadvantages.


  • The toilets to ask are the most common and come in a square or round shape. They are easy to install and maintain. In addition, we must not forget that the toilets to ask are the most affordable on the market. For a small budget, this model is preferred.
  • The suspended toilets have an elegant look and make cleaning easy thanks to the space released underneath. Indeed, it will be easier to mop. Moreover, the deposition of scale at the bottom of the column is no longer a problem. At the time of installation, it is possible to adjust the height of the WC as needed (which is not possible with the toilet to ask). In case of concern with the evacuation, the repairs are more complicated, because it is sometimes necessary to disassemble the whole structure to locate the origin of the problem.
  • The grinder toilets have an electric motor for crushing the feces. Their installation requires the intervention of professionals. Moreover, they require the establishment of an electrical circuit to operate.
  • Other WC models exist, but their use meets more specific needs. For outdoor use, in a caravan or in a remote location that does not have a sewer system, chemical and dry toilets are the best solution.

WC Acanto by AlliaTheme of this bathroom: Acanto by Allia


Take into account certain criteria for the choice of toilets

In addition to the importance of the type of toilet, there are some things to consider: comfort, flushing, drainage, glasses and ceramics.


  • Comfort: Do not forget that toilets are used several times a day. It is therefore important that they be as pleasant as possible. It is better to think about the quality of the seat. Is the height suitable for all the inhabitants of the house? Is the push button easy to use? It is important to leave nothing to chance!
  • The flush: it is better to opt for a flush dual control that allows to choose the amount of water to dump. This feature limits the waste of water. In addition to lowering your water bill at the end of the month, it is also a gesture for the planet! Some models emit a lot of noise when flushing or when the tank fills. To avoid this inconvenience, the use of a mechanism with a hydraulic closure is ideal. This system is particularly quiet. Flushing the toilet will not bother anyone even in the middle of the night.

WC Toto Square PerfectionWC Toto Square Perfection model

  • The type of evacuation: it will depend in particular on the layout of the room. Two possibilities exist: a horizontal exit which sinks in the wall or a vertical exit in the ground. It is better to determine the needs before finalizing the purchase, at the risk of spending for an unsuitable bowl.
  • The bezel: the PVC bezel is the most common, but it is quite fragile and is not very aesthetic. Other materials exist such as wood or MDF foam. These models are even assets for the decoration of the bathroom. It is recommended to let go of the color and not be limited to white.
  • Ceramics: To facilitate the maintenance of toilets, opt for ceramics that have been treated with anti-limescale and non-stick treatments. This material retains neither limescale nor stains. In addition, this type of ceramic has a longer life.

WC GroheGrohe washbasins and washbasins


Think about the design of your toilet 

After paying attention to the type of toilet, flush mechanism and evacuation, it’s time to think about design. This is the most fun part! And very important especially if the toilet is in the bathroom!

Namely that there are now panels that accompany the bowls. They are available in lacquered metal or glass and sit behind the toilet to beautify them. The panels bring a contemporary and sophisticated touch to the whole. In addition, they come in a wide range of colors to match any type of decoration. Easy to install, the panels are suitable for both a standing and hanging bowl. They allow to conceal the tank of the flush. Some models also act as storage or light sources with presence detector. Thus, they light up as soon as a person enters the room.

WC Acanto from AlliaWC Acanto from Allia

Opting for more options

People who have had the opportunity to visit Japan have surely noticed that their toilets are true concentrates of technology. These sophisticated toilets gradually seduce Europeans. It is now possible to find washing toilets, with heating or with mood lighting in specialized stores. The toilets are equipped with a hand shower that emits a stream of tempered water to replace the use of toilet paper. The intensity of the water jet is adjustable and adjusts by pressing a single button. This system is both comfortable and hygienic. Some toilet models have a smell absorption system, emit music, or open automatically as soon as a person enters the room. Others have an electronic flush that activates automatically when the person gets up. The push button is thus useless to release water.

To choose the ideal toilet, it is thus up to everyone to determine their needs according to the desired characteristics and the level of comfort desired.

WC Allibert with flap Black FlowerWC Allibert with flap Black Flower